Caramelized Banana Ice Cream Topping

by Daniel Valko

 Every childhood memory has some kind of liking for food, probably because food is a thing you can have over again. Unlike adventures had in your childhood years, If your anything like me you've eaten your fare share of vanilla ice cream a thousand times. And probably had it with every thing from strawberries and chocolate to sprinkles. Vanilla ice cream is one of my childhood food memories, my mom would buy it by the bucket. And we would eat it mostly with strawberries all summer long. But recently my sister made me this very simple banana ice cream topping. And my vanilla ice cream has not tasted the same ever since. This very easy combination of of butter,brown sugar and bananas has changed my liking for vanilla ice cream forever.

• 1 banana
• 2 medium size bowls of vanilla ice cream
• 1/2 cup brown sugar 
• 1/3 cup butter 

1 )  Cut up banana into thin slices.

2)  Melt butter in sauce pan, then mix in brown sugar.

3)   Add bananas and cook for about 6 mins or until bananas are Caramelized ( the longer you cook them, the Chewier they will be)

4)  Let cool for 1 min, then top ice cream (The frozen ice cream will cause the bananas to cool fast and make them chewy)